Emalla Eliot cartridges with medical grade material


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EMALLA is one of the biggest tattoo equipment brands in China. The slogan "MAKE TATTOOING SAFE" is the core of EMALLA Tattoo Brand.For years, the EMALLA brand team has been working in tandem with tattoo artists of all styles, developing and improving continuously to advance the quality and safety of tattooing.

We are the main market leader in innovative. Our high quality tattoo equipment is distributed to most countries all over the world. EMALLA brand tattoo equipment will truly help tattoo artists perform at their highest potential and create the greatest tattoo masterpiece.

Why are we well-known among professional artists?

We always devote to provide tattoo artists with the highest quality products and services. Since EMALLA ELIOT Cartridge Needles launched, we received good reviews from artists all over the world. More than 99% of artists who tried EMALLA ELIOT Cartridge Needles fall in love with it.

What features do we have?

  1. The back blister paper is easy to open
  2. Accurate Slot design fits 99% of pen machines
  3. The membrane inside is not easy to pull apart
  4. Membrane with 4 Thickened Bars, more durable
  5. Soft and Strong Flexibility Membrane Material
  6. Soldering material is better than the other brands
  7. All the needles with CE certificate sterilized by EO GAS
  8. Needles are more sharp and neat under the microscope
  9. Medical PC Material for the shell better than the other brands with PVC Material

What special sizes do we have?

  1. Big Grouping Magnum Cartridges - Dedicated to shading and fills, ideal for large, wide areas.
  2. Special Stipple ShaderCartridges - Designed with 3 groups of 3RL for dot shading to improve the efficiency of dot shading.
  3. Mixed Sizes Sample Cartridges - Mixed with 10 different sizes in each box for artists who prefer to try new cartridges.
EMALLA big grouping magnum, special stipple shader and sample box needles

If you are an experienced tattooist and constantly trying new products to guarantee the best artworks. Try the quality of EMALLA ELIOT Cartridge Needles and lighten up your work, you won't be disappointed.

Artist feedback is extremely important in our work. So please feel free to comment your opinion below.  

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